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Images Of Bhutan 2004
A Journey To Attend The Gom Kora Tsechu

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The tent houses the monk orchestra.

The dances and devotions are only one aspect of the fête!
People watching, sharing news, eating and drinking, shopping for
bargains, playing games and courting are all part of the occasion.
The Gomphu Kora Tsechu is unusual in that the kora around the lhakang
continues throughout  the nights of the festival, involving a high degree of
liaison between couples, and leading to a large number of marriages...

The dancers and singers anticipate the arrival of Guru Rinpoche.

Girls from Aranuchal Pradesh in India (left), and Brokpas (right),
who will have walked for days to attend the Tsechu

Guru Rinpoche (with sacred umbrella) finally appears,
to receive the devotions of all.

Guru Rinpoche takes his place of honour.

It's been a long Tsechu...

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