Spent Brothers Productions presents
Images Of Bhutan 2004
A Journey To Attend The Gom Kora Tsechu

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In formal Bhutanese dress
In best formal dress ready to attend the Tsechu.

Boys perform a folk dance welcoming Her Majesty The Queen (left).
Her Majesty Ashi Sungay Choden Wangchuk (right).

from the lhakang of the large thanka featuring Guru Rinpoche (left).
This is displayed only once a year during the Tsechu.
Lady of the Brokpa, a semi-nomadic yak herding minority people of
the far east of Bhutan, wearing the characteristic felt "spider" hat (right).


  Thanka being lowered for storage until next year.

The Dance Of The Lords Of The Cremation Grounds.

The Dance Of The Judgement Of The Dead.

The Devil, who enthusiastically details the wrong-doings of the dead.

All ages enjoy the spectacle.

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