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Images Of Bhutan 2004
A Journey To Attend The Gom Kora Tsechu

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Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) lhakang, built around one of the most famous Guru Rinpoche
 meditation caves, clinging to the mountainside near Paro, western Bhutan.

Traditional woven fabric patterns, central Bhutan.

Tongsa Dzong, central Bhutan

Valley in central Bhutan with eastern moutains in background.

Waterfall beneath the tiny mountainside east-west road.

Gomphu Kora lhakang in the remote far east of Bhutan.
Behind the lhakang is a large black rock containing a cave
where Guru Rinpoche meditated, leaving a mark in the rock.

Slate tablets carved with gold embossed mantras on the rock behind Gomphu Kora (left).
Another rock meditation site nearby with a body imprint (right).

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