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Himachal Pradesh - June 2014

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Road down from pass  Down from the pass
Heading down from Rohtang Pass

En route to Keylong  Leaving the snow behind
Leaving the snow behind en route to Keylong

Road builders  Mountain road
Road building/repair is a tough job in the mountains

Goats  Mountain road
Another large herd of goats

Clearing a landslide  Clearing a landslide
Landslips are a constant hazard in the mountain roads
Clearing one the easy way (left) & the backbreaking way (right)

Mountain road  View
En route to Dharamsala (right)

Dharamsala  Gyuto Tantric University Temple
Near Dharamsala / The Gyuto Tantric University Temple

Gurdwara  Mango tree
Back down on the plains - a Gurdwara & a mango tree

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