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In The Footsteps Of The Buddha - October 2009

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22 October Drive Varanasi to Kushinagar (256 km) (8 hours)

road map
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Rural dwelling  Bridge over river
Rural dwelling / Bridge over river

Funeral pyre at river side

KUSHINAGAR - place of the Buddha's passing

Stupa  Mahaparinirvans temple
Rumabhar Stupa on the probable site of the Buddha's cremation /
Mahaparinirvana Temple from the Tibetan temple

Burmese temple   Burmese temple
Scenes at the Burmese Mahasukhamdadan Thargyi Pagoda

Burmese temple

The main pilgrimage site in Kushinagar is the beautiful C5th CE image
of the reclining Buddha housed in the Mahaparinirvana Temple

Buddha   Buddha
The image is 6 m long & largely covered with a gold cloth
The position of the feet indicates that Buddha is passing not resting

This ancient death-bed statue is considered one of the world's most moving Buddhist icons

Topiary in the gardens - bushes shaped as sacred umbrellas

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