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In The Footsteps Of The Buddha - October 2009

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India map
Delhi - Bodhgaya (E of Varanasi) - Varanasi - Kushinagar (NE of Varanasi) - Dharamsala (N of Delhi)
A journey of 3500 km in 15 days

18th October DELHI to GAYA by train (990 km) (12 hours)

New Delhi Railway Station  Outskirts of Delhi
Sealdah Rjdani Express pulls into New Delhi Railway Station 16.30hrs / Outskirts of Delhi

19th October Autorickshaw to Bodhgaya (13 km)

BODHGAYA - the place of the Buddha's Enlightenment

Mahabodhi temple from across the river
Mahabodhi temple complex from across the river

Wild boar  Wild boar
Wild boar

Stupa  Mountain
Ruins of an old stupa (religious monument/reliquary) / Hills seen from the stupa

Mahabodhi temple   Mahabodhi temple
Mahabodhi temple complex
Ahoka, the great Indian emperor (304-232 BCE) founded a shrine at the spot where the Buddha
achieved enlightenment meditating under a pipal (species of banyan fig) tree in the C6th BCE.
This was replaced by the temple in the C2nd CE, which has undergone several alterations.

Mahabodhi temple   Templew detail
Mahabodhi temple

The place of the Buddha's enlightenment  The Bodhi tree
The Vajrasila, a red sandstone block at the rear of the temple marking the actual spot where the Buddha
meditated under the tree (now known as the Bodhi (Wisdom) Tree / The current Bodhi Tree
which was grown from a 2nd generation sapling from the original tree

Leaf from the Bodhi Tree
A fallen leaf from the Bodhi Tree

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