Spent Brothers Productions presents
Pilgrimage to Gang Rinpoche & Mapam Yumtso
(Mount Kailas & Lake Manasarova)

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Modified extract from map © Chris Shaw in John Snelling - The Sacred Mountain East-West Publications 1990 ISDN 0 85692 173 4

Mapam Yumtso (Lake Manasarovar) to the west / Gang Rinpoche from the south-east

The Barga Plain / Gang Rinpoche from the south

Chiu Gompa (monastery) / View north from the gompa

The northern shore of Mapam Yumtso

Gang Rinpoche from our campsite near Chiu Gompa / In the distance the second sacred lake Rakshas Tal
Chiu Gompa

Walking beside Mapam Yumtso / View to the south


View across the lake to the east / Picnic beside the sacred lake

 Old Tibetan lady pilgrim with prayer wheel / En route to Darchen

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 1992  2006