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Kumbum Jampaling Gompa, Lake Tsongon & Golmud

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Map of Tibet

The aim of this trip, shortly after the Tiananmen Square events in Beijing, was to visit sacred sites in eastern Tibet
and then attempt to travel on by road the 700 miles southwards from Golmud to Lhasa...

Map of route

Jampaling monastery     Jampaling monastery    
Kumbum Jampaling Gompa (7 400 feet) founded 1560 CE
It is one of the most renowned monasteries in Tibet built around
the tree marking the birthpace of Tsongkhapa (1357 CE)
(founder of the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism)

Jampaling monastery     Jampaling monastery    
The gompa is comprised of 30 separate buildings and was undergoing renovation when we visited

Jampaling monastery     Jampaling monastery
The courtyard was used for the annual sacred dances performed by the monks in pre-communist times

Jampaling monastery   Jampaling monastery

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