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Images of Hong Kong  October 2017
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Sunday 1st October  CHINA NATIONAL DAY

Protest march  Protest march
Tens of thousands of people protesting about the jailing of the leaders of the Occupy Movement seeking democracy in Hong Kong...

Protest march  Victoria Park
...march from Victoria Park to the Court of Final Appeal / Victoria Park illuminated for the mid Autumn (Lantern) Festival

National Day Firework Display  Fireworks
The fabulous 23 minute National Day fireworks display

Fireworks  Fireworks

Tuesday 3 October

Big Buddha on Lantau Island  View from ferry to Hong Kong
The huge Tian Tan Buddha at Po Lin monastery on Lantau island / Via from ferry returning to Hong Kong island

View of Hong Kong island  Display of cookes meats in shop
View from ferry coming in to Central on Hong Kong island / Succulent display of cooked meats etc in shop window
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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2017